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99% UV RAY


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Improves A/C Efficiency

Window tints have solar control properties which greatly reduce the heat inside a car. This will not only provide passengers with a better driving environment, but it will also be easier on the A/C. Since the A/C has to work less to maintain a comfortable temperature, it also has to use less fuel. This leads to better fuel efficiency, and a longer A/C life span. Without having to constantly work the air conditioning, it will be less likely to break down.

Protects the Car and Its Passengers

Being exposed to UV rays for an extended time is really dangerous and can cause cancer. If you went to the beach you’d wear sunscreen, so why not protect your skin when driving every day? UV rays can also fade your upholstery and cause it to crack. So tinting your car will not only protect your own skin, but also your car, and your wallet. Why pay for expensive upholstery repairs or replacements when you could just avoid them all together?

Tinted glass is also much safer in accidents, because it has a protective film. This film is designed to keep dangerous glass pieces together and away from passengers.

Reduce Glare

Glare is a distraction to drivers that can put them and their car at risk of an accident. Whether it’s caused by the sun, snow reflections, water, surrounding buildings, tinted windows will reduce the glare levels.

It’s in the driver’s best interest to make his car as safe and comfortable as possible: window tinting a solution that meets both of these requirements. Window tinting will also insure that the driver isn’t squinting or being distracted by sunglasses. Repeated squinting can also cause eye problems such as a stigmatism.

Since window tints are an affordable option and improve driving safety, comfort, skin health, eye health, and car well being, it’s definitely an add-on to consider for your car.

Improves Privacy

You might think that tinting your car windows specially black car windows tinting for privacy concerns is a bit paranoid. Unless if you’re a celebrity and hiding from the paparazzi, we’ll have to agree with that. However, tinting isn’t necessarily for your privacy only. It’s also for the privacy of your things.

Imagine two identical parked cars have expensive laptops or phones inside. One car has regular windows and the other has tinted windows to the maximum darkness. Thieves are more likely to break into the car with regular windows, because they can see inside.

Even if a thief broke a tinted car’s windows, they would likely flee before stealing anything. This is because of the protective film tinted windows have. This film keeps broken glass stuck to it, making it even harder for thieves to stick their hands in a victim’s car.

After a thieve breaks a car window and makes a lot of noise, they are probably going to run away when they realize the glass isn’t falling apart. Tinted windows not only keep thieves from seeing inside your car, but even if they have the audacity to break the glass, they won’t get anywhere in their theft attempt.



2 Front Doors


Price doesn't include taxes

Front windows are illegal and we're not responsible any legal liabilities.

Price may change due to vehicle make and model*

3 Window Tint

Rear two doors and rear window


Price doesn't include taxes

Price may change due to vehicle make and model*

5 Window Tint

4 Door Car, SUV, Truck


Price doesn't include taxes

Price may change due to vehicle make and model*



Taillight tint


Tint Removal

$50.00  per hour

Price may change due to vehicle make and model*

Residential & Commercial Window Tint

With the sunny summers we receive in Moose Jaw, window film can drastically improve your entire home in a number of ways. With so many energy efficient upgrades you can make to your home such as, LED lighting, insulation, or weather stripping. Now, you can add a new item to that list, think window film!

  • Cut down on the heat by up to 79% and the glare by 78%

  • Block out 99.9% of the harmful ultraviolet rays

  • Cut your cooling costs by up to 50%

  • Affordable alternative to replacement windows

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